Thursday, March 29, 2007

On the Blog again

Well, here I am again. I took a short sabatical to read my new book, Shopaholic & Baby. Sadly for me, the magical journey is over. I must wait another year now before another Becky Bloomwood story comes out. I feel like Bex and I are old friends. I'm going to miss her. Oh God. I can't talk about. Its too emotional. I'll give you a topic: discuss amongst yourselves. Post 9/11 Patriotism
All right. Feeling better now. I just arrived from my 'three way conference' with Gage's teacher. Surprisingly, it went better than I thought. We're well passed the forged note incident (don't ask) and things are looking up. He's reading and spelling above grade level. His math is very strong. Alls they really said was that he needed to print neater. Whoopty. Let me tell you I know plenty of people who could stand to print better-- and they're the doctors I work for. They also said that the only trouble he seems to be having in school is Girl Trouble. They said that he's a real charmer and the girls all seem to hang off him quite a bit. Yikes. I could, potentially, be a grandmother in just a few short years. I think one of my hairs has literally just turned gray.
And speaking of hair, what do you make of American Idol on Tuesday? That damn Sanjaya freak is still on there. I simply cannot believe it. Its almost to the point where its painful to watch because the guy is making a damn fool of himself. Someone should just tell him. He's becoming a national joke. Worse than KFed. Is that show rigged or what? Honestly, if it weren't so blasted entertaining I might just stop watching it all together.
The other big news around here is that Payton got new socks. Purple, yet. Her favorite color. You should have seen how excited she was. It was like waking up on Christmas morning to a shiny new bike under the tree. Shrieking and dancing. I said to Geoff "I think our kids must be deprived". We buy them socks and they have a fit. Perhaps this new budget we're on isn't quite cutting it.
But back to ME, the subject of this blog. I applied for that job. It closes on Friday, so I should here within the next week or two. I am not really holding my breath. I almost hope I don't get called because I don't know if I can take the stress of a blimey interview. I HATE job interviews. Even though beforehand I do this meditation thing and deep breathing and guided imagery stuff, not terribly differnt from Stuart Smileys Daily Affirmation, I always get nervous as soon as I walk in the room and see the panel of people, all with their pens posed and business suits on. But on the up side, it might deliver me from this evil that is nursing. Nursing is pretty OK by and large. I mean the pay is OK, and the work is pretty stimulating. But there are times when I just want to throw my hands in the air and head for the hills. Like yesterday was a prime example. I will not go into the details, but let me say that it involved a distressed patient with a colostomy, a kidney basin, rubber gloves and me in the thick of it. Anyways, sometimes I would just love a change of pace. I mean, couldn't we just leave it all behind, maybe start a dairy ranch somewhere and live a pure, simple life (where there are no colostomies)? I could just see myself as a milk maid, enjoying the sun all day, spending my time outside, surrounded by children and animals. I'd be wearing a nice floppy sun bonnet and cotton dress. Maybe with a sublte floral print. Aah. We can always have our daydreams. But I'd better go now. Reality beckons. Thanks for reading.


Lorrie said...

I decided that your mama can read BB's book first and I'll borrow your copy from her of another one if that's okay with you missy. I'd probably take too long reading it anyhow.
I think you'll get an interview for sure and am SO glad you decided to go for it. I really hope you get it so that you can lend me some bling, haha!!!!!!
Anywhoo, in closing I'd like to say - you're good enough, strong enough, and galldarnit...people like you.
Love LEW

randine said...

All I can say for when you DO read the book- is savor EVERY minute of it. Its just like your wedding day. It goes by WAY too fast and afterwards all your left with is a steep price tag, a few memories and a cold feeling inside.