Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The new face of STD

My mother has asked me to blogcast my due date with Reid. I would have been having the little sucker soon here-- May 4. Its funny because when I first found out I was pregnant, way back in the end of August, I thought MAY!! That seemed like a lifetime away. I mean, you might have told me that I was due on Dec 3 2010. Thats how far away it seemed. But now, I realize that its just around the corner. I would be getting his room ready. Packing my stuff for the hospital, etc. But that was not to be. I guess sometimes, despite the hopes and plans that we have, life has a mind of its own and pushes and pulls us in directions we never thought we'd go.
And on that note... here's a direction I never thought I'd go. Being interviewed for the evening news. Imagine me, just a lowly workaday nure, eeking out a living in a simple clinic in a rough part of town. And then one day, a strange phone call from an unexpected source. A newsbroadcaster from CBC, wanting to get an interview with little old me. Its simple really. It'll be probably be less than thirty seconds of air time, but I'm FREAKING out. He's covering a story about STD's. The upshot of it is that this newly published study found that 1 in 4 doctors don't report new cases to the region, which they're supposed to (Crap, I think I just broke their big story). So they want someone in the medical field to counter that by giving a simple statement to the effect that "our clinic works diligently to persue these cases and bring them in for prompt treatment and follow up". Its simple, I know. But I can't help but be crazy nervous about it. What if I fart?? What if I have a big booger in my nose and they shove the camera up there? I hope he's forgotten all about it. Although that seems unlikely because he seemed a little too relieved that I didn't hang up on him after he got the first sentence in.
So thats whats new with me. Stay tuned to CBC news tomorrow night. Following my perfomance, I will be doing an autograph singning session at Macs. Head shots will be available for purchase for a small fee.
Wish me luck.


gailcathcart said...

Thar is so cool. What time is the news on, on cbc? I don not want to miss it!!

vsorowski said...

Just ONE queary, if you will---What part of the country is this Aunt Gail carachter from, as I detect some sort of Newfie slang or twang?! Ma

Lorrie said...

I shall be watching with bells on and whistles if I can find 'em. I'll have to turn up the volume though so I can hear you over the noise.
I hope after your Dr. app you'll be able to take that leave of absense. I know it's going to be hard but since you're such a FANFREAKINGTASTIC person all around you'll come out of it probably stronger. If I had one wish it would be for magical powers to change the past. I'd give you Reid, me Chase, your mom and dad Chad, and Gail, Lloyd. Basically everyone would be here and I'd also invent poptarts so we could all be rich. Love you.