Sunday, March 25, 2007


You are simply not going to believe this. My favorite author in the whole wide world has a BRAND new book out. I didn't even know there was a book coming out. You know how in some books at the end they say when to expect the next book. Well the last one I read (Undomestic Goddess- summer of '06- a ten out of ten) didn't say ANYTHING about an up and coming book. But I happened to find myself downtown today when I saw it. I was just walking past Coles and there it was- a big shelf full of them. Fate. So its out in hardcover, which is a bit of a pill, financially speaking ($30), but then I noticed the sign 30% OFF. So that just sealed the deal right there. I could save nine dollars AND be entertained for HOURS. My heart was just pounding. I bought right then and there. Which, inidentally, I'm not really supposed to because I've put myelf on an allowance of $200/month, which you might think sounds very reasonable, but I tell you it adds up very fast. Yesterday, my little field trip to Superstore cost me $67. And my shopping trip today (all I bought was two books and a Booster Juice) was like $70. So I'm already half over my monthly budget in two days. But that's not the point. The point is, this book is totally FAB. And for being a loyal reader, I am going to post the first page on here. Enjoy. I am already on page forty. I want to read it and read it and read it, but then at the same time I want to slow down and really enjoy it, because I know it will be over soon and I'll have to wait six more months for another book. Here's the first page. Its called Shopoholic & Baby

OK. Don't panic. Everythings going to be fine. Of course it is.
Of COURSE it is.
"If you could lift up your top, Mrs. Brandon." The sonographer has a pleasant, professional air as she looks down at me. "I need to apply some jelly to your abdomen before we start the scan."
"Absolutely!" I say without moving a muscle. "The thing is I'm just a teeny bit... nervous."
I'm lying on a bed at Chelsea and Westminster hospital, tense with anticipation. ANy minute now, Luke and I will see our baby on the screen for the first time since it was just a teeny blob. I still can't quite believe it. In fact, I still haven't quite gotten over the fact that I'm pregnant. In nineteen weeks time, I, Becky Brandon, nee Bloomwood... am going to be a mother!! A mother!
Luke's my husband, by the way. We've just been married for a year and this is a one hundreed percent genuine honey moon baby. We traveled loads on our honeymoon, but I've pretty much worked out that we concieved it while we were staying in this gorgeous resort in Sri Lanka, called Unawauna, all orhcids and bamboo trees and beautiful views.
"Unawauana Brandon"
Miss Unawauana Orchid Bamboo Tree Brandon.
Hmm. I'm not sure what Mum would say.

Isn't it great?? Don't you just love it?? Well, perhaps you will get lucky and I post more of it. Or perhaps I will raffle it off to the highest bidder once I'm done reading it. Well, have a pleasant day. I must get back to the book.


Lorrie said...

Please don't post anymore as I will be stealing it as soon as you're done. I called it Marie...too freaking bad!!!!!! Very exciting although I highly doubt your other readers will find as much joy in it as you, your ma, and me.
Good luck on the job by the by. I'm glad you decided to go for it!

vsorowski said...

cant wait to read it after Lo, I did request it verbally but have been informed by the booksOWNER, Lo requested in writing(on the blog), so I shall wait my turn!Tis exciting news!!! Still reading Twice kissed--It is taking me some time and have pretty much finished "Stupid and Contagious" while reading the other---Anyone read Twice Kissed?YiYE!!!
As for your previous article on Domestic Drudgery---BANG ON!
Love Ma