Friday, March 30, 2007

On Turning 30

Now, first of all, lets be clear. I don't turn thirty until September. Mid September at that. Well, perhaps not everyone would call the 2nd 'mid' September, but for my purposes, I shall. As you know, thats a very, very, very long ways away. I still have plenty of time left in my twenties. Time which I shall spend clubbing and wearing short Tshirts and getting body peircings.
But anyways, that said, today I had a bit of "Oh, God, I really am getting old" moment, which has caused much distress. I found out today that it is absolutely not cool to wear a jean jacket with jeans, a little piece of fashion wisdom to which I had been previously completely unaware. The really bad thing is that I could STILL be unaware if not for the offhand remark of my employer today. See SHE was going to be fool enough to wear a jean jacket with her jeans today. We sometimes wear jeans to work on Fridays. One advantage to working on 20th Street. Anyways, she was very nearly out the door when her 16 year old daughter caught her. "You're NOT going to work like that?" She asked, in horror. My boss was perplexed. She had thought that her ensemble was rather hip. But apparently, you would be an absolute LAUGHINGSTOCK to be seen in public like that. Gulp. Because I actually, in honesty, have been seen in public like that. How was I to know it was a fashion disaster? No one told me, but then who wants to tell someone that they're a laugingstock, unless your Simon Cowell? I was like, but I thought that was the point of having a jean jacket is to wear it with jeans?? But no, you should absolutely, never, ever do this. Except, maybe, for the possibility of a rodeo, at which point the rules are a bit blurred. But rodeos really aren't cool anyways in the first place. So to compensate for this, I am going to work harder to get cool. This is probably why I haven't had my big break yet or been featured on Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous. That and the fact that I'm neither rich nor famous, at least by tradional definitions of rich or famous.


Lorrie said...

Yello? Lorrie here.

This reminds me of an occurance not two weeks ago. Jenn phoned me and asked if it was gay to wear a jean jacket with jeans and at first I inwardly gasped...she can't be serious??? But then I thought, what if that's her only jacket and if I tell her it's stupid she'll freeze to death and I'll be up on manslaughter charges. So I replied that if they're not the exact same colour or not two totally different shades (ie. stonewashed and black denim) then it should be okay. THANK GOD when I went over there it did look okay. Disaster averted.
Your blog made me very sad because I lost my jacket last spring that Ma-in-law got me. I have NO clue where it is and it makes me very angry as you can tell.
Re: your leave. I think that you should give them the note on Wednesday so they have two days to 'recover' although it's not your fault if they can't find anyone. What if you got hit on the head and developed amnesia?
Would they expect you into work knowing you can't even remember your own name let alone how to find a vein in a crack users arm???????????????????

vsorowski said...

I think the best thing about being over 50 is I can wear a jean jacket with whatever I choose, i am quite certain anything goes---Once you have reached a certain age!!! Lucky, hey?
The thing about the notice I say explain to the Doc about a wk before and to Cheryl, just so they have a heads up,!So glad we shall spend 1 SOLID week together!!!Love ma

vsorowski said...

If I weren't so excited about Lo's blog I would be livid about this Jeans thing! I must admit it has made me a little HOT under the (jean Jacket) collar
The people who set the trend are the only ones who should get to say how it is to be worn!!Like people who were around in the 60's!! I Don't know if I can get past this! I mentioned sais Faux pas to people in my age group and they to have never heard of anything so "LEWDicrous"-
I will now close and dwell on much more wonderful things like my New grandson, coming soon!(I may find him a proper Jean Jacket and Jeans!!)Ma

gailcathcart said...

I am soo getting old!!! I was shocked to find out you can't wear a jean jacket with jeans. What do you wear it with??? As for your leave, what if you came down with a weird virus and had to be off for a week? They would get by and they will.(I do understand thought how you feel)
Love yoAunt Gail