Monday, March 19, 2007

Men in Black

Here is something interesting. I was out and about this weekend when here I find myself at my moms house. So she's busy in the kitchen with the eleven children she keeps, so I am left alone to fend for myself. Sigh. Such is the life. So I pick up a paper and start flipping throug it. I'm not really one for the paper. Its mostly boring stories about the economy and crap like that. If I wanted to know about the economy I would watch CNN. I don't even know what channel CNN is on and I intend to keep it that way. But, anyways, back to the story. So I'm flipping through the paper and this job pops out at me. Right now I am thinking about applying for. But I'm hesitant because a)I don't meet all of the requirements to a T b)I'm not confident in my ability to interview for such a job if called for c)I'm not confident in my ability to perform all of the responsiblities. However, having said that, I am still contemplating throwing in a resume anyways because a)whats the cost of a stamp anyways? b)it sounds like a pretty damn interesting job and c)check out the pay scale!
This is the posting, which I have had to painstakingly retype as it is not available on line.

Title: RCMP Criminal Intelligence Analyst
This is a civilian member position that will report to the officer in charge of Combined Special Forces Special Enforcement Unit.
1) Collecting, researching, evaluating and analyzing intelligence information to identify criminal trends and patterns and to develop analytical intelligence products
2) Preparing reports identifying or illustrating criminal group/individual associations and criminal trends.
3)Providing expert advice on complex issues, assessing intelligence and providing tactical and strategic analysis focused on local, provincial and federal criminal activity.
4) establishing a network of contacts in dientifying criminal trends and conducting intelligence analysis
5) participating in presentations, lectures and seminars as an expert resource and attending conferences and training courses.
Basic Requirements:
Language: English
Security: Eligible to hold Top Secret Security Clearance
Education: A bachelors degree from a recognized university
--2+ years experience in research, writing, analyzing and editing documents.
--One+ years in a research, publishing or analytical environment
--One+ years experience in working with computers, in particular word processing, spreadsheets and database software.
Additional Abilities:
Above average oral and written communication skills
As a prerequisite, must successfully complete an examination in the required field of work.
Location: Saskatoon, SK
Salary: 67,446-72,919

Now, I have only seven months of experience in research. And, most of time was spent in the field rather than doing the writing and editing, but as you know, this I am well capable of as I have written novels and maintain this blog to a very high degree of customer satisfaction. But I'm not sure that they will accept this. As far as the job, it sounds sweet. A cushy government job pushing papers. But not just boring papers. Interesting papers. And I'm GOOD at pushing papers. This is why I enjoyed my research job so much. That and the smell of the pig barn. Anyways, please feel free to comment about whether I am crazy to think that I would even stand a chance or whether I would be remiss to not at least throw in a resume. I welcome your feedback as always. Just imagine... me... a top secret spy. I'll have to get a pair of sunglasses and a dark suit just like on Men in Black. Perhaps I should rent the movie to do some background research. Yes, yes. Thats what I'll do. And then I'll list it on my resume under courses taken. That is sure to impress!


vsorowski said...

Go For It!!I beleive you will at the very least score an interview, and most likely the job---If in fact there are no more babies on your horizon-- you may totally get a lot out of this and enjoying and finding work interesting is the best!
May I make one small suggestion---Do not refer to "The Pig Barn", when speaking of RCMP work!!! Love ma

Lorrie said...

I tried to call you last night deary to tell you 'apply for it for sure!!!!!!' but live in 1966 and don't have two lines.
I say DO IT for sure!! Elaborate on your research experience and don't tell them you emailed me all day and played Pogo.
I'm surprised that you're willing to watch a movie about aliens since you won't watch one with singing, pirates, knights, etc. Go freaking figure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye and good luck to you!

gailcathcart said...

Ma stoled my line but I will say it anyway GO FOR IT!!!! I think you will look really cool in shades. Your cousin may be helpful in hooking you up with thugs, and the underworld of crime. Good luck!
ps You definately have the writing skills.
Love Aunt Gail

jayceelee said...

Do it while your young. I know if you don't you will regret it. So what if they might not call you back, you tried. This could be a light to the end of you tunnel with your struggles. Personally, I think it is a sign.

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!


n.straker said...

Randine, that sounds awesome. I have seen you push papers before and you were REALLY good at it!!!! I even said to myself "Self, Randine kicks ass at pushing those papers. She pushes papers like nobodies business". And yes, I do talk to myself, as Gail and Jenn have painstakingly pointed out! Although, I do have to point out that we are Canadian, so you will probably have to wear red. Lady in red.
Love Nikki