Tuesday, March 6, 2007

My VIP's

These are pictures of two VIP's in my world. To the left: Brady
Meowserly Townsend Makepeace. To the right: Payton Rose Makepeace. They are both very sweet. And I must say that it came as somewhat of a shock to me to learn that Brady has been made fun of in some circles behind her precious little back. That cuts deep. What cuts even deeper? The fact that the very people who are making fun of her are those who are supposed to love her most-- her own aunty and uncle and grandma and grandpa. Appalling, isn't it??? And look at that little face. Simply precious. I, for one, happen to think independence is a good trait. They think that just because Brady does her own thing she's "feral" and "antisocial". Its true that you cannot hold her. Or pet her for that matter. But you CAN admire her from afar. Rather like Angelina Jolie. And noone calls her feral. Yes, they are very similar, but without the tramping around-- Brady Moeswerly Townsend Makepeace is fixed so does not engage in unbecoming behavior. Anyways, I like to think of her as moody and eccentric, like a tempermental artist. At any rate, she brings a LOT of joy into our lives. Even her playful pouncing is just a treasure. Who doesn't love it when they are about to drift off into a peaceful slumber when POUNCE, all of a sudden, virtually from nowhere, razor sharp claws dig themselves into your exposed feet?? Sure they bleed a bit, but its worth it just to see that little face. I just smile and say 'you got me again, you little rascal'.
As for the other one, Payton, she is also very cute, as you can see. She is coming along quite nicely. I took the kids out for supper tonight and some lady came up to me afterwards and said "you have such nice children". It was funny b/c we went to this place once before (the Peking by Superstore-- a classy joint let me warn you, so don't even bother to go there unless you have some serious coin and reservations months in advance) and Payton got a sucker afterwards. That was months ago. But she remembered that. Tonight, after we were done our supper she went up to the little Asian fellow behind the till and said "where's my sucker?" Everyone got a good laugh out of that. Funny how its cute when you're two but not so cute when your older. Whenever I do that people just give me a real dirty look. Go figure.
Well, I suppose that is all for todays edition. Have a pleasant evening. And go Blake on American Idol.
Also, I wasn't kidding about that meatloaf recipe. Its the BOMB. Seriously, if you have hamburger in your freezer right now, go and defrost it for tommorow. You won't be sorry. Peace out.
Also, there is one VIP missing from this blog: my son Gage. I promise to post a picture of him soon. It's just that they're so scarce. Isn't it supposed to be the second child that gets the shaft?? Guess I must be oppositional.


Lorrie said...

Payto is my cutest neice EVER...she is sooooo much cuter than all the rest and I can truely say that. Did you realize the kid has gotch in her hand...a little risqué don't you think??? Ever watched Dateline Online Predators? I'm sure you've caught it once or twice as it's on every bleeding day.
Anywhoo, your children are quite precious but I'm not budging on the Brady situation. The freaking cat won't even come up to you whereas my Lillian's only wish is to be included in every conversation by jumping on the table right in your face. Some may think that's revolting but I think it's a sign of a very smart cat indeed. Okay...it is gross. I'll send her to Brady for lessons on becoming more independant. Toodles.

gailcathcart said...

Payton is the most adorable little girl! I have to side with your crazy sil, you have a strange cat!
Love Aunt Gail