Friday, March 2, 2007

Hell might have froze over...

Well, I guess I missed the weather report, but it seems to have happened. Hell has actually frozen over. Or at least thats the conclusion I've reached after it the unimaginable has finally come to fruition. OUR NEW BED IS HERE!!!!!!

Geoff and had our first sleep on it last night (among other things. Wink, wink). It was quite enjoyable, I must say (the sleep, that is, althought the other stuff was OK too). You are all invited to come in and test it out. It's really something.

Other news: Our dog, JD, got her hair cut, much needed. I was holding out on getting it cut b/c of the crappy weather. It seems cruel to shave her down when its minus sixty six outside. But now that the weather is breaking, we took her in and got her clipped. She is looking very cute. Almost as cute as Baxter. That is her featured in the picture. She is now the Alpha dog, which means that she is supposed to be at the top of the dog social structure. But Baxter doesn't understand this. He thinks HE's the alpha dog. So needless to say, the two really don't get along well at all. But they're cute.

Other than that, same old same old for me. I have been deep into my American Idol watching so have little time for anything else as it is on three times a week now. I still have not heard anything back from any of the magazines I submitted my article to. In a way I think that's actually a good thing, as it may mean that they're actually considering it. Or, alternately, they think it is such utter drivel that it is not worthy of a response at all. Hard to say. Well, thats it for now. Hamburger Helper is a very delicate meal and I must not mess around. Got to get back in that kitchen to slave away. Peace out.


gailcathcart said...

looking forward to spending a night on your new bed, thanks for the offer!
If the magazines turn down your entries then that only proves they are looking for garbbage to publish. I'm not just saying that because I am a little bias, but because your writing is incredible!! Doggy looks great!
Love Aunt Gail

Lorrie said...

Ditto on the bed, dog, and article!!!!!!!!!!! Actually, on second thought I don't want to sleep in your love domain so I'll pass on the bed.