Friday, January 19, 2007

The Ban Is Lifted

Yesterday, or was it the day before?- I asked you to support me in boycotting KFC, due to some rather shoddy service on thier part. But I have to let you know that last night, in a moment of weakness, we picked up a bucket of chicken. And I still do maintain that they are a bunch of no good rotten jerks, but I can't help it if their blasted chicken tastes so good. And it was the kids. They really wanted to have it. So what were we to do? Deprive them and have them hate us and then possibly open fire on thier classroom later on down the line from all that stifled anger? I knew you'd see it my way. So I guess, in light of that, the ban is lifted.
So tomorrow is the big day. D-day. And by D day I mean period day. So this will be the moment of truth. I can't really predict which way it's gonna go. A part of me is like "I'm for surely preggo", but then another part of me is like "no, you're not." I know you're probably thinking, obviously, I'm going to get my period. And I admit that you would be somewhat justified to think that- what with the blankety blank pregnancy tests that have turned out to be negative (I'm not going to bother to put an actual number-- is it really so important to quantify it?) But don't forget there was that one, that one with the possibility of a hue of a positive. And another thing. Last night I was trying to sleep, and I was so tired that it was like I couldn't fall asleep because I was so tired. Now, you probably don't think that that makes much sense. But it was like I was so tired that I was uncomfortable, and I was so uncomfortable that I couldn't get comfortable. And I couldn't sleep. And I thought to myself, I thought 'self, this is a different kind of tired'. Its not just your ordinary end of the day tired. Its a tired where your too tired to sleep, which is very bad indeed. I know it seems absurd, but it is possible. I've gotten so hungry before that I wasn't hungry anymore. You know, you get to a point where your stomach hurts and then you just don't even want to eat anymore. Anyways, such paradoxes exist. Its all part of this crazy world we're living in.
So, I guess thats it for now. I will keep you abreast of developments as they unfold over the weekend. I trust you will keep your computer near at hand.


Lorrie said...

I say chap...why didn't you talk to a manager? You would have got a free meal at least. Plus, maybe that little puke would've got fired. Who knows, maybe KFC has a Pre-med scholarship and that guy gets it and some day he takes out your appendix and when you lay BLEEDING on the table and G asks, "what happened...I thought this was routine surgery?" and he answers, "I don't know?" what will you do then missy????????????

vsorowski said...

You know what I learn from these blogs-----My girls teach me so many angels to look at thinks! Randi!, I told you ---We need to talk! But i do have my fingers crossed! My trip, You ask?! Well thats a whole other blog , Hey Gail!!!??