Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Bingo Hall Romance

Before I get started, let me just bring you up to speed on the coffee pot situation. I don't mean to keep you in suspense, and I know that several of you are quite curious for some news on this front. Yesterday when I got to work it was there. All set up and brewing away. You should see her. A sixteen cupper. Silver, sleek and sexy. And oh, the aroma she puts out. Actually, its basically the same as before because we still use the same discount store coffee grind, but I think that psychologically, it seems to smell better. Everyone was pretty pumped. But then it was brought to our attention that the new coffee pot is quite heavy- and it has to be put away in the back of the clinic every night. Apparently, when full, it takes two receptionists to carry it out front. So this is a problem because we don't always have two full receptionists. We discussed some options. We decided that we could probably purchase a trolly to put the coffee pot on, and this way one person would be able to manage it. So now we have some more decisions to make. The other option is buying a large bucket and then it could be carried out front and then filled with water from the bucket. So who knows what will happen. Its a nail biter. I, for one, am in favor of the trolly, but I'm just trying not to get my hopes up. I must prepare myself for the more likely, cheaper option, of a bucket, and I know that in the end it will suffice. But God, that trolly would really be something.
So today at lunch time I went to play Bingo with my coworker, Sandi. I have never been to a Bingo hall. It was totally an adventure. Here I thought it would be so much fun, but it was stressful. First of all, I didn't have a bingo dabber so I had to borrow one from the chic next to me who had like seven all lined up in a row. She grudginly let me use one (orange- yuck. I wanted the blue), but I don't think she was happy about it. Secondly, they have all these different cards. I thought I could just ask for a bingo card, but then the guy was like 'what do you want? Seven up? Odds 'N' Even? Speedo? So I said, just give me what she has, motioning to the girl next to me. He said that would cost twenty five dollars. So then I said, well maybe not. Maybe I'd just like one of each. It was scary. And then the actual number calling began. I tell ya, they really mean business. Those numbers were being called so fast. I couldn't keep up. And I was getting seriously stressed out because the guy who sold me my tickets was watching my every move, telling me the numbers I had missed, and as much as I wanted to be like 'screw off toothless dude', I was actually really glad that he was helping me out. At one point he laughed at me and said 'whitey, you really suck at this game.' I was like 'yeah, dude I know." I mean, how can a person actually suck at Bingo?? Chess I can see, even checkers. But bingo- even first graders play it. But its hard. And then I thought that I had a bingo, because I had a line. I got really excited but then he was like 'no, its a blackout round'. Okay, so I didn't know that. Anyways, after half an hour my lunch hour was over so I went back to work. My coworker stayed for 'one more'. She said when she came back that toothless guy asked about me after I left. He said 'hey, what happened to my future wife?" Isn't that endearing?? I was like 'I could see him wanting to marry me if I was winning. Hell, who wouldn't want to marry someone who just won the ten dollar jackpot??' But I had lost, and probably because of my own inability to keep up with the game. And he was still referring to me as his future wife. The man has a heart of gold. And I think it is worth mentioning that he wasn't totally toothless. He was only missing a few. Just goes to show that romance can sneak up on you anywhere. Just like in the fairy tales.
One more thing, a quick shout out to my sister in law, Lorrie, for providing me with a picture of my kids for the blog. And for an interesting discussion on spaghetti, check out her blog if you haven't done so already. Have a good night!

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Lorrie said...

First off...I'm on Jenn's "nineteen niggity nine" computer and let me tell you...whatever year that may be it's NOT in this century. This may be one of the first computers ever invented. You know the ones that take up 1/2 a room. It has a sleek appearance but runs like an old man on a treadmill.
Your subject enthralled me 'till I read on...of course Randine finds love in a Bingo Hall, she's a super loose girl with no morals. Hahahahah, kidding!
If you need any more pics of YOUR kids just let me know...I got 'em. Toodles fellow nerd.