Sunday, January 7, 2007

Marital bliss

Last night my dear husband went out to play poker with his friends for a "few hours". He came home at six this morning. I wasn't necessarily surprised to hear him come in at this hour. When he said he would be home by midnight I didn't really buy it. But I was annoyed. Especially when he crawled into bed, reaking of alcohol and talking of mosquito nets. Mosquito nets, in the dead of January. I had no idea what he was talking about, and I told him as much. But then this led him to talk more feverishly about the subject. So I tried a new tactic. I feigned sleep, something which I have managed to perfect in our three years of marriage. Unfortunately, I think he's managed to detect it.
I plan on posting everything on this blog. Everything about this pregnancy, starting from preconception on. So there will be stuff on here that is a little personal. However, be assured that I will refrain from posting actual photos or video of the conception. For that material you will have to check out my other web site. Kidding. But just be warned.
So having said that, last night at six in the morning Geoff decides is a good time to 'make love'. I use quotation marks here because I am using the term quite loosely. I'm not sure that drunken, hurried sex at six in the morning qualifies as 'making love'. I'm tired and annoyed with his drunken talk of mosquito nets. So at first I just try to perservere with my sleeping act. But then an idea begins to formulate in my mind. Today is day sixteen of my cycle. Fertility peaks at day fourteen, but you are considered fertile plus or minus three days of that. So that window was still open a crack. So then I thought, perhaps I should just go along with this, "take one for the team" as they say. It might be worth my while in the long run-- because in the short run I'm sure that it will be about as gratifying as watching grass grow. But one must make sacrifices. Now, I know I'm supposed to wait for my next cycle, but I figure, what is meant to be will be. Who I am I to deny fate?
I am taking folic acid. Well, actually I'm taking prenatal vitamins. I was told to finish off my bottle, and at first I must say it was weird washing down Materna with a glass of wine. But you get used to it. Anyways, only two materna left and then I will start taking folic acid. So I'm all ready to go.
The earliest that I can find out will be around the fifteenth of January. They have pregnancy tests now where you can test five days before your period is due. I must admit that I have never actually been able to get a positive result that early. But that won't stop me from rushing to the drug store on the fifteenth to pick up a test. A sucker is born every day.
On other issues, work tomorrow. We've ordered a new coffee pot at work. At first there was vague grumblings about the old coffee pot. The cord was too short for our purposes, it only made 12 cups and we now have a fairly large compliment of staff. And then there was several staff meetings in which this was discussed. And then there was several quotes and lots of back and forth about that. So last week the coffee pot was finally ordered. The excitement was palpable. And even though I don't really drink coffee per se, I must admit that I seem to have caught the excitement. I wonder if I'll sleep tonight at all, just knowing that the new coffee pot could be coming tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
Well, I guess thats it for now. I promise to keep you apprised of the coffee pot situation.


Lorrie said...

Hahahahahahahahah...hahahahhaha! You're hilarious! I'm glad you are a G rated author and will not be providing us with a play-by-play of 'the act' but I look forward to reading.
Toodles to you.
Love SIL

vsorowski said...

!st and 4most!! The coffe pot arrival has got me alittle excited! How did it turn out?
Oh ya---The other thing I will be almost as excited to hear any "positive" news in the near future, and thanx for saving us all from the gory details and what was involved in taking 1 for the team!!! Your SiL and yourself are FABULOUS writers!!! Ma

gailcathcart said...

Randine you are tooooo funny!!Your blog and Lorrie"s have turned out to be the highlights of my day. If by chance your "Love making" produces the little one you want and deserve, what a wondefrul story you can tell him/her on how he/she came about. I also am eagerly waiting to here about the progress of the coffee pot!Keep writing, I love it.
Love Aunt Gail