Sunday, January 21, 2007

So Far So Good

The potty girl is continuing to go potty. 5 out of 5 times for today. And this morning she woke up with a bone dry diaper. We are going through the stickers like... like I don't know, can't seem to think of an appropriate metaphor, but my point is we're going through them quickly.

Geoff and I have never owned a bed of our own. Its sad to admit it, but we've been sleeping in hand me down, crap beds for the last eight years. The first bed we had was a double bed that he had from his childhood. Being that he was in his thirties when we moved in together, it was on its last legs even then. So then, a few years ago, we got a bed from my parents that once belonged to an aunt and uncle of mine. God only knows how old it is. But it, too, is on its last legs. So finally last night we decided that we absolutely must buy a new bed. Neither one of us is crazy about spending that kind of money, but we have little choice. We're practically sleeping on the floor. So next weekend we're going to the Brick to buy a new bed. Now, you may know that I hate the Brick, and have sometimes referred to them as the Prick because of their propensity to screw you over and screw you over hard core at that. Geoff and I went there last year to purchase a new TV. It all seems like such a sweet deal when you're there, the heavy scent of leather and abundance of plasma mildly hypnotic. But now, now the bills are rolling in and it is not so sweet. Now we must return to the dragons lair again. But our backbones will thank us for it even if our pocketbooks won't.

Onto other matters, though. My period has still not arrived. Its weird because before my period was due I was so anxious to find out if I was pregnant or not. And now I don't seem to care one way or another. Suddenly the urgency is gone. I have no desire at all whatsoever to do a pregnancy test. I don't know if it's because I'm scared that it will be negative or scared that it will be positive. I was thinking today 'I can't seriously be pregnant already, what are the chances that I would get pregnant the first month that we started trying??" But then I realized, reality check, the chances aren't half bad. Here are the facts:
Gage-- pregnancy number one. I have unprotected intercourse once in my life and I end up pregnant.
Pregnancy #2-- off the pill Sept 21/02. First positive preg. test: Oct 31/02
Payton-- pregnancy number three-- off the pill Sept 20/03. First positive preg. test: Dec 8/03
Pregnancy#4-- start trying: July 31/06. First positive preg. test: August 29/06

So, in summatoin, the longest that its taken us to get pregnant was ten weeks. So its perfectly possible that I could become pregnant the first month of trying. I guess only time will tell. If I don't get it tomorrow I'll do another test. Well, thats all for now. Must get ready to go to Gail C's house. I'm planning on doing some snooping to see if she really has that magnet on her fridge. Oh- and Jen C. I'm going to mail your magnet tonight. Oh, and Nikki, based on your comments on my last posting, I think that you need to start you own blog. There's a wealth of material on the underwear shopping alone.


n.straker said...

Fingers crossed that you are preggo!!!!
Love Nikki
Ps sorry for the (other)long comment!!

randine said...

Nik, just to let you know I liked your other comment. It was funny. It matters not to me how long or short your comments are as long as you keep 'em coming.

Jenn said...

Well now knowing my magnet is in the mail I am sure to have a great day!!! Thank You!
I am very excited for you and Geoff about getting a new bed. Although beds are very expensive once you have it I think you will agree that it is well worth the money.
love you Jenn

Lorrie said...

Since when is Jenn in the 'bed business'???? I've never heard of one person sell a bed so much...not even a bed salesman. Geesh, I bet you Glen bought shares in Sealy Posturepedic. Enough with the bed talk okay??????