Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Impatient Patient

I had my doctors appointment this morning at 9:45. I told my boss I wouls be in by around 10:30 thinking forty five minutes would be plenty of time. But apparently my doctors office is in kahoots with the folks at KFC and suscribe to the 'slowest service possible' philosophy. It was 10:10 and my name hadn't been called. So I went and asked when I was going to be seen. They said 'probably about half an hour- there's still two people ahead of you'. A bit better than 'oh, I don't know', but still pretty darned frustrating. I was like 'well I can't sit here all morning, I'm due back at work in half an hour'. And she was like 'do you want to reschedule then?" so I said 'fine, when's the next available appointment?" Her response? You won't believe it. March 11th or some such thing. I was like 'well she told me that I was supposed to see her six weeks after my miscarriage. Its already been two months. If I have to wait another two months then we might as well just forget it. I mean what is the point of going there six months after the fact or whatever. I was very upset when I left. So now I don't know what to do. I'm either going to have to accept ridiculous wait times or else find a new doc. But you know what its like finding a new doc. I really like her and want to keep seeing her but I simply can't sit there all day and night. My coworkers don't mind me slipping out for an hour for an appointment, but if its going to be longer than that it becomes a problem, as there is noone to cover for me there and the patients begin to pile up quite a bit. Anyways, after my outburst and throwing the 'm' word in her face she become all apologetic and offered me an appointment on Tuesday at noon. But I have visions of myself sitting there all lunch hour waiting, thinking forlornly of my bologna sandwich left behind. Please don't take that too literally. I'm just saying it to be melodramatic. I don't actually eat bologne. A wise person once told me 'if you don't know it's parents- don't eat it'. I abide by that rule. For the most part. I can't help it if I like those darned pepperoni sticks so much.

So my day was no better today. And then I thought when I got back to work "I know what I'll do to pick myself up-- (can you guess it??)-- A PREGNANCY TEST. But then that was negative. Not even that slight hue I thought I detected yesterday. Very disapointing. The highlight of my day came when my coworker brought me a raspberry hot smoothie from Tims, caffiene free (just in case). It was a little thing, really, in the scheme of things. But just in light of the pissy week I've been having, I was genuinely happy for the first time today.

Exciting news: I've hired a house cleaner for four hours a week. She will come Fridays from 1-5. I think this will help me out a lot. Its like I work all week outside the house, but then on the weekends I spend all my time trying to get the inside of my house in order. And its a futile battle. The more I clean, the more the kids mess it up. So tomorrow I get to come home from work to a clean house for once in my life. But its strange, I almost feel like I need to clean the house before she comes. Its pretty messy. I don't know if I can stand a stranger in my house milling about my mess. But I guess I will just have to get used to it. Hopefully she will not report to child welfare for the state the house is in.


Lorrie said...

When does your work expect you to go to appointments...what kooky Dr. works on Sat. and Sun.???? The other day I got to my app. at 1:35 and left at 3:45 and it sucked butt. Doesn't your work, as a Dr. office, understand that Dr. offices don't run like clockwork. I'll tell 'ya...if you didn't 'up' your perks there with magnets and such I'd tell you to QUIT on the spot!!!!!!!!

Jenn said...

Hay Randi, I totally understand your frustration when it comes to waiting in a doc. office. I have needed to see a doc. since Oct. but I don't want to make an app. to sit and wait for 3 hours, oh well.
Okay, I am starting to worry about you and pregnancy tests, I think you have a problem. Let me ask you, when you get your period will you still test 3 times a day?
Ha, Ha.
Good for you for getting a house keeper once a week, I wish. I know I'm at home all day long and I could and sometimes do clean all day but it is absolutly point less, Darn kids and husbands!!!
Still loving your blog!