Friday, January 12, 2007

The waiting game

I got a req. for the pregnancy test yesterday afternoon. It burned a whole in my pocket all night long. I just couldn't wait to get it done. But then, a setback. My vehicle is a no go. I guess thats what you get for driving a 1994 vehicle. And leaving it unplugged when its minus forty four outside. Woops. Geoff had to drop me off at work today so I wasn't able to go the lab and get the test done, as he thinks that I'm "neurotic" for even doing a pregnancy test at this early stage. I was actually considering drawing the blood on myself here at work. The only hard part would be whether or not I could actually put a needle into my own vein. But then, a glimmer of hope from an unlikely source. The doctor that I was working with offered to try, which let me tell you was very nice of her because doctors don't do blood. They send people to labs to get it. So she certainly went out of her way. She said 'tell me which tube to use and which vein to use'. She got it on the first try. Only afterwards did she tell me that she was horribly nervous about it. But she did a good job. So now the blood is in a lab somewheres being processed. The results should hopefully come in soon. I'm getting pretty impatient. Every time I see a fax come through I get this surge of excitement "my results!". But then it turns out to be the results of some old guys colonoscopy. Not that I don't enjoy reading a good colonoscopy report from time to time, but today its just not what I'm jonesing for.
Secondly, I have decided that I must try to keep my readership up. Things are at an all time high. I have now six readers. I recieved SEVEN comments yesterday. Granted some of them were from the same people, but still... Its incredible. So I've decided that its time for me to up the ante. For readers of this blog, I will issue a complimentary Westside Clinic fridge magnet, which I have "borrowed" from the company I work for. All you have to do to recieve your very own fridge magnent is write to, leaving your name and adress. You must also answer three questions about the blog. Here are the questions:
1) Name one advantage of working in a medical clinic.
2) How many cups of coffee does the new coffee pot hold?
3) What time did my husband get in from his poker game on the weekend?
The answer to these questions are on my blog, so loyal readers should have no trouble. If you answer these questions correctly, I will mail out you magnet (please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery).
I just wanted to thank everyone for thoughts and prayers on my injury- actually, surgery, that I underwent yesterday. I have recovered quite well and the finger is now fully functional again! Its a miracle, and I have no doubt that the power of positive thinking as well as the outpouring of support I recieved is behind it. Thank you, and please don't wait to act on that fridge magnet- supplies are limited.


vsorowski said...

Hi, mom here! I dont know what is more exciting -awaiting your news on said bloodwork or the news of recieving a gift(fridge magnet--No less!!) As if anyone would need incentive to participate in this blog!! God Bless, Keep Forging onward my dear soldier!!! Mama

n.straker said...

OMG, Randine!
I friggin LOVE magnets!!!! I don't know what it is, but I am proud to say that I have quite a collection! Would an amateur collector have Ducks unlimited, City of Victoria, Dominoes, Tony Romas, Securetec, Quit smoking hotline(and I don't even smoke!!!!), plus ones they make themselves? I don't think so. Watch out Biotches, this magnet is mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Nikki

Lorrie said...

Yo...Niolai...there is more than one magnet so slow down. Don't be so greedy man. By the way Dini...I ALREADY CALLED THE BEST ONE YOU GOT:
Benefit of working in a Dr. preg tests. The coffee pot is a 16 cupper. Your hubby got home at 6. YES. Didn't even have to look back. Word.