Monday, January 15, 2007

Friggin' Mondays

Well, here I am in my post pregnancy test slump. Not to mention the fact that my husband bought me an iced cappucino at 9:30 last night, which seemed very thoughtful at the time, but was a little annoying while I laid awake half the night, unable to sleep a wink. I don't know what those things are made of-- straight NoDoze?? Take it from me, don't have one right before bed time. So today I'm tired and irritated that I must be back at work.

The fridge magnet promotion was a huge success. Some of you did not give your mailing adress, so this is a slight problem (Jennifer C. and Lorrie. S this means you). It is not too late to recieve your magnet, simply email your adress to The other magnets were sent out on Saturday so should be arriving later this week. Everyone answered the questions correctly so this means that people are paying attention!

Anyways, there is nothing much new with me. I really should have been doing this blog at three in the morning when I was hopped up on caffeine, because right now I just don't have much creative outflow. Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day. TTFN.


vsorowski said...

Hello. It is mother, dear,, sounds to me like somebody is preggo, and should not be indulging in the caffeine scene! You kids these days, seem to wanna get hopped up on anything! Well it does fee like Monday to me as well, expecting a social worker visit soon! Yahoo! I will be out at the mailbox and checking regularly, (even though I have to walk 1/2 a block to do so), that magnet is a real highlite to my week! I hear Lorrie may have an offer soon!! cant wait! Happy bloggin" Till you blog again! Love Ma

gailcathcart said...

So glad to see an entry today. I checked all weekend, suffice to say my weekend was empty without your blog!! Sad to here you have the Monday blues and did not sleep well on the caffeine. Hopefully the rest of your week improves and you keep writing!
Love Aunt Gail

gailcathcart said...

Oh forget to mention how I am excitedly waiting in anticipation for my fridge magnet! Whooohoooo it's going to be an exciting week. Thanks!!
Aunt Gail

gailcathcart said...

YAHOO it's here. I recieved my fridge magnet today!!! Thank you thank you Randine! Where is your entry for today?
Love Aunt Gail

randine said...

Glad you got your magnet! My those postal workers work fast. No wonder they're always so stressed. I'll have to wait til tonight to do my blog. The boss is in today and I musn't fool around too much with the computer. There is only so much I can get away with.