Friday, January 26, 2007

Just some clarification for you, Lorrie

This morning my SIL left a comment about my last post that I must admit, bothered me a little. She actually thought, whilst reading 'A very warm welcome' that I had wet my pants. And I started thinking back, and I remembered a couple of months ago when I was telling my brother a story. I was saying how I was on my way home after a tense Scrabble game at Gail's. I had just turned on to Circle Drive when all of a sudden I was gripped by terrible stomach pain. And there was no way to stop or pull over on the middle of Circle. The upshot of the story is that I upchucked all over the damn place, driving all the while. Anyways, after I told him the story he let out a sigh of relief "oh, you just puked.""I actually though you were going to say that you shit yourself and I kept on thinking to myself- please, no. I don't want to hear this."
So what I want to know is: what kind of a person do you think I am?? I will have you know that my bladder and bowel control are quite excellent. I have had NO issues at all whatsoever in that department-- aside from one rather embarassing incident in kindergarten (thank you Mrs. Labrash for telling me I had to wait until recess when I told you I couldn't wait.). I admit that I may be "lovingly neurotic" when it comes to some issues- but I'm still a far cry from being stark raving full out pissing on yourself crazy. Please, give me that much.

Anyways, moving on. Today is Friday and I am very much looking forward to the weekend. I'm thinking about perhaps taking in a movie on Saturday or something of that nature. I believe there's a little show playing at the cinema that looks rather interesting and also, coincidentally, stars Mr. Matt Damon, who I happen to find rather an attractive sort. And since I missed out last weekend on the popcorn (thank you very much Gage for ruining it for all of us. Well, both of us), I'm going to try to get in on some of that action this weekend. Also of note for the weekend: bed shopping. Hopefully, we shall find something suitable-- though surely we will because anything will be an improvement at this point. Well that is it for now. I must use the washroom.


janne3514 said...

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n.straker said...

Oh My God, I also had Mrs Labrash in kindergaten...or as I referred to her back then...Mrs Labitch. Seriously, I was a pretty tough 4 year old. I too, peed my pants, and all Im going to say about it is there was pepsi involved, a skirt, and a really long line up to pay for it. Draw your own conclusions.
Love Nikki
PS- who is this person posting on your blog? Do you know them?

randine said...

I don't know- but I believe that my blog is now receiving junkmail??

Lorrie said...

That was totally my goal all along...I wanted to make you put my name in a title of a blog. Hahahaha, I win our little game that you didn't know we were playing. Hahahahhaha.

Lorrie said...

I note that you do refer to me as a 'he' at some point in this story...please refrain from doing so in the future. Thank you dear SIL. Love LEW