Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Deeper the descent into the heart of madness

As you may note by the title of this post, my mood has darkened substantially today. First off, this horrible cow of a woman pissed me off straight away at work this morning Can't really get into it, confedentiality, blah, blah, blah. Anyways, so that pretty much sucked. I stayed low in my office for a bit. Then I thought 'extreme irratibility- maybe a sign of pregnancy??". But then that hope was extinguished when I went to the bathroom and discovered that my 'friend' had finally decided to pop in. Not a very good morning all around, I would say. But then I talked to one of my coworkers about it and she went out in the waiting room and told that miserable cow to get out of our clinic and never come back. The lady was arguing a bit but Del just told her 'we do not allow people to abuse our staff' here'. So she left and a note was put in her chart that she was banned. Good riddance. I felt better after she left but I just hate crying. They say its supposed to be good for you but you always just feel so drained afterwards. And then, at lunchtime, I burned my mouth eating soup. It was just one thing after another. But the good news: my fortune cookie said "you will recieve an unusual gift". Although I'm sort of nervous about that. Where I work I'm not sure that I want to know what an 'unusual gift' might entail.
Oh, well. I guess things are fine. I will take a bubble bath tonight and open a bottle of wine. I will take my kids shopping and buy something really cool for them. Try to live vicariously through them where a nerf ball holds all the potential in the world.
And PS- I will drink the wine and take the bath after the shopping trip, just so you know. I'm not planning on getting corked and then dragging my kids out in public with a bathrobe on and curlers in my hair. Not yet. That may be looming in the horizon...


n.straker said...

Sorry to hear about your crappy day Randine. Too bad you just can't punch people in the face like Laurie's video. Just know that you have an amazing life with a husband who loves you, and two really great kids. You are successful, and a decent standup citizin. She, on the other hand is a pathetic selfish individual who has a sad rotten life.
Enjoy your bath and wine! You desearve it!!
Love nikki
Ps- if you ever point her out in Superstore, I'll squish her bread, and double scan her stuff!!!!

randine said...

Sweet. Good to know you have my back!!

Lorrie said...

Reason #445 to find a new job...stupid idiot face who spews stupid idiot comments. Kidding, you are good at your job and obviously like it. I don't mean to try to recruit you for other places.
I know how you feel with the "ugggghhhhh" when your "friend" comes. I've had that feeling many a time but then at least you get 1 more month of YOU time for bubble baths and wine. I'm telling ' month is it and you'll find out in March. Remember my visions. Love you.

vsorowski said...

No wonder this woman has high blood pressure----She obviously cant relax and enjoy her life -- your revenge is simple - enjoy your kids, hubby, wine and everything else you have going for you that she does not !! ma
(by the sounds of this character--- you are probably quite a bit better lookin' too! Am I right?

Lorrie said...

Poor, sick Gail. Missing out on all the blogbanter. Poor, sick Jenn...missing out on the blogbanter because of her ailing computer and mother.
Just joking! I hope the Gailmeister is okay...I shall phone tonight and see if it's the Norwalk thingy and then send her vibes of support from afar...way,way,way afar.

Jenn said...

Hello Randi, I'm sorry you had such a bad day yesterday, that stupid bitch and more importantly burning your mouth on soup, I hate that.
I went to superstore last night and I swear I saw you hiding behind some little girls clothes drinking from a bottle wrapped in a paper bag and then I thought no it can't be her she would never go out in only a bathrobe, guess I was wrong.
About your friend coming I'm sorry about that, but think about the great sex you are going to have in the coming weeks.
love you hope today is better for you. Jenn xo