Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Potty Girl

Big day today. Payton woke up this morning intent on wearing panties. Traditionally, in the past, this had led to urine ending up everywhere but the toilet. But I thought, what the hay, give the girl a chance. So she's been in panties for about twelve hours now. And she's gone to the pottie three out of four times. I took her shopping to Superstore and we picked out new panties (with kitties) and stickers. She's done pretty good. My little girl growing up.

I was going to take my other child, Gage (9), to a movie. But then he kind of ticked me off. He was playing with Paytons playdough and he wouldn't let her play. She was crying. I talked to him about letting his sister play with him and he was a total dickhead about it, just arguing with me and copping an attitude. So I made a split second decision to cancel the movie. Now I know what my parents used to mean when they said 'this hurts me more than it hurts you' because, damn it, I really wanted to see that movie. And I had a hankering (shall I use the term CRAVING???) for movie theatre popcorn. Now I know you can buy so called "movie theatre popcorn" in the store, but it's hardly the same thing. Anyways, I'm getting a little off track here. So I cancelled the outing. Yesterday a coworker of mine who I hold in quite high esteem made a remark that we do no favors for our children if we raise them to be adults who are totally unlikable. And I realized, of all the things that I would hope my children will become- rich, successful, smart- I hope that above all else they are likable- caring and compassionate and polite with a social conscience. Not only does it benefit others but also, you fare alot better in life if you are a likeable individual. So I just hope its not too late after nine years of my previous parenting philosophy "My son is perfect and if you don't think so you can just screw yourself".

Everyone is probably wondering about my period and whether it came or not. Well... so far no sign. But who knows, I could get it tomorrow. Its not an exact science and it sometimes is a day or two late. Anyways, I guess I'd better got off of here. I'm at my parents house and I should probably socialize. I will continue to keep you posted.


Lorrie said...

You are right behind me right now so I must comment quickly. Your kid is not a dickhead...simply going through the Captain Annoyingo phase. I'm sure he'll grow up to only kill 3 or 4 people...far from the serial killer status. I still love the little bugga.

vsorowski said...

Hi, Kids, Mom here! You know what irks me? people visiting, and playing on the computer, even just putting BLOG entries in----on MY computer!! But, anyhoos--My grandson is NO Dick Head!!! We just must reinforce this concept!!! I beleive he is going thru annoying Teen smart ass'ness early, so as a teen --He will be Wonderful--!!--Anyone want to know what I think of my Granddaughter?!!! Ma

n.straker said...

Good job on the potty training!!!! I took Liam to pick out underwear about 3 months ago. When I held up his choices, Scooby Doo or Spiderman, or Blues Clues- he pointed to the shelf and said,"no. I want Dowa(dora) panties". I slapped him, then reminded him that he is a boy, so smarten up. People stared, so we left. Then I took him on Thursday to try again, this time he picked Scooby Doo, and then puked on me! HE then proceeded to puke in my cupped hands. It was fun...people stared, so we left. No underwear yet, but Im sure we'll get it soon!
PS I do not beat my child in public, just behind closed doors, and he has the flu- possibly chicken pox!
Love nikki