Thursday, January 25, 2007

A very warm welcome

Came home from work today to enjoy the company of my dear children. I was holding Payton and singing "Mary has a little lamb" (her favorite) when all of a sudden I felt this warmth spreading on my lap. And then I realized, it wasn't just warm, it was also wet. Just great. Nothing tops off the day like being urinated on. But she's so freaking cute that I can hardly be upset about it. I will leave you some pictures of her to enjoy at your leisure, since you don't have the luxury of seeing her 24/7-- well neither do I actually, but thats neither here nor there. Anyways, you can enjoy her through the pictures and run no risk of being peed on. Win-win.

Nothing really interesting to report. A very busy day at work. It seemed that everyone needed the nurse- two complex dressing changes, venipunctures, suture removals, injections, a couple of well baby checks and a little bit of counselling to top it off. I'll sleep like a baby tonight.
Now you may know (those of you with calendars) that is January right now. I have always hated the month of January for three reasons:
-- the cold (todays weather notwithstanding)
--the dark
--the post christmas, anticlimactic, shit-I-think-I-may-have-overspent-last-month financial slump. So yesterday I saw this article in this magazine entitled how to get out of debt. Actually, I don't think that was the title, per se, but more the subject matter. I can't really recall the title. But anways, whatever the title was, my interest was piqued. But what a letdown. You know what it said?? You know what it actually said?? It said 'oh yeah, its really simple to get out of debt. Simply pay an extra thirty dollars a week on all your credit cards. You won't notice the money missing, and you'll get your credit card debt paid down in no time'. OK, maybe YOU won't notice the $125/month per credit card (translation- $500/month in my case) MS. financial planner chic, but I'm pretty sure my kids sure as shit will when they're wearing my hypercolor Tshirt from 1993 because its the only article of clothing we can scrounge together for them. "No Gage, I swear- this stuffs gonna make a comeback any day now. Its totally vintage retro- you'll start a new trend". Give me a break. I mean, do you actually have to have an MBA to know that making larger monthly payments will get you out of debt faster?!? Obviously, I'm well aware of that. Its just the impracticality of actually doing it. What a waste of my time. Three minutes of my life I will never get back. And you know what they say... time is money. So now I'm actually even more in debt, thank you very much. Well, peace out. Pizza's here.


vsorowski said...

Hey, I heard some other nonsense that fits right up there with, Get Out Of Debt , advise--" Well actually these are my own tips-
If you dont want dirty, germy hands-WASH THEM!
If you want to save money-DON'T SPEND IT!
If you don't like feeling tired. GET MORE SLEEP!
I could go on and on, but would like to hear anymore helpful tips anyone else out there in blog land has to offer!
By the way that little girl in the pic gave me an exact same warm welcome once-Isn' she sweet?
HAVE A GOOD ONE Love Mom Isn' this new technology SOMETHING--I am on Randi's Blog and SHE IS KNOCKING ON MY FRONT DOOR! WOW!!!

Lorrie said...

I love the Potato!!!!! I swear when you said you were sitting with her that you were going to say YOU leaked...I was very nervous for you at that point. I'd take pee over that anyday even if it is someone else's. That kid is so freaking cute that I want to squish her. Love you BOTH and that MIL lady too.

n.straker said...

Oh my gosh she is soooo cute!!! Liam has been scared of his room lately so we made a poster of all of his friends(payton, brent, mason and daddy) to put on his wall by his bed at home, and she was the first person he wanted on the poster! I don't think it's sick at all. If fact, I don't think there are enough children will no teeth and three arms in our family. Those two can work on that!! I mean when they're older, not now you sick freaks!
Love Nikki