Sunday, January 28, 2007

Noteriety- or something sorta like it.

Well I have finally achieved it- notoriety. I got an email this morning from a person at Ford asking me to post my blog on their website- fordbloggers. com. Anways, I was trying to think why on earth they would solicit me for this but then I realized-- I made mention yesterday that my neighbor drives a Ford. I think they probably flag all sites that mention their name or something. In essense, what they want is that I would write about Ford on my blog, I guess. I'm not going to, though, because, really, how much can I write about Ford?? I drove one once and it was a peice of crap. But, to be fair, I think it was a piece of crap because it was thirteen years old and had two hundred and sixty some thousand kilometers on it. Any vehicle that heavily used would probably be, you know, not that great. It actually wasn't so bad- it drove pretty good. But then one day, it suddenly was no more. Of all the places where it could have died out on me, where does it have to happen but the McDonalds drive through. I'll never forget my panic when the voice in the intercom said 'please pull ahead', But I coudn't pull ahead, the vehicle was just dead. "Ma'am, ma'am are you still there?" "Is everything OK ma'am?" as I kept on trying, in vain, to restart it. And then there was Gage, with his wierd phobia of running out of gas/stalling in a vehicle for some reason, although I honestly don't understand it as we've never run out of gas before in his life. He was freaking out "Get me out of here!!" Crying and screaming and grabbing frantically at the handles. Honestly, you'd have thought that the engine had a bomb in it that was about to detonate. Anyways, alls well that ends well. Some nice young fellows came out and pushed me out of the line up. And that was the last time I ever drove 'the grey ghost'. Rest in peace.

But this whole thing with Ford has given me a new hope. A new reason to live. You see, Ford contacted me after I posted their name on my blog. And, as a loyal reder, you must know that I've already made mention of Matt Damon on here. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll hear from him soon. I'm going to have to get my highlights fixed up a bit. And I wonder if I shouldn't spring for a bikini wax?? One can never be too sure.

Bed shopping went well today. We got a new bed but its in Edmonton right now. It will come to Saskatoon this week sometime and we can pick it up on Saturday! It is s-w-e-e-t let me tell you. Its one of those pillow top ones with that memory foam stuff. Its like laying in a bowl of jello. Except its not sticky or wet. Or lime flavored. Hmm. Upon reconsidering, perhaps its not so much like laying in a bowl of jello. But when you lay down it just molds around you and you sink right in. I could have fallen asleep right there in the store. I can't wait. And even though I have already said that I don't like dealing with the Brick because they're a bunch of scam artists who wear too much hail gel and may as well go into business with the bastards at KFC and run a company called "We're going to charge you up the ass for service that is more or less non existent". But let me tell you, we got a really good deal on this bed. And I'm not just quoting what the sweet talking sales person said. It was regular two thousand dollars but it was on for half off. Can you believe it? Are you still with me or have you fallen off your chair?? Are you OK??. Sorry, should have given you some warning. Anyways, please feel free to come over next weekend to check it out. Just give me a ring before you come, because I'll be fertile then so the bed could be in use, if you know what I mean (wink, wink).
Well, I guess that's it for today. TTFN.


Lorrie said...

You know how I feel about the bed...not only will you never catch me paying more than 500$ for a mattress even if it's made of cotton candy!!!!!!! Secondly, I'll never buy from the Brick. I'm not one of those 'ban Walmart' people or anything but I don't like them period, exclamation point, colon, period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But enjoy your bed deary by all means!

Lorrie said...

By alllllllllll means!!!! That's double sarcasm, ha!